ECHO OFF CLS ECHO: ECHO The batch file you have just run creates a web page to display ECHO any .JPG and .GIF files in the folder from which you run the ECHO batch file. ECHO: ECHO Available arguements (if batch file is run from DOS) are: ECHO thumbnail width and directory tree ECHO Must put a forward slash on the end of the tree if specified ECHO: ECHO eg. photoviewer.bat 200 mypict~1/ ECHO: ECHO: ECHO: Copyright James Ferguson 2003 ECHO ^ >photoviewer.html ECHO ^ >>photoviewer.html ECHO ^James Ferguson 2003^<^/title^> >>photoviewer.html ECHO ^<^/head^> >>photoviewer.html ECHO ^ >>photoviewer.html ECHO ^HTML code created by DOS Batch file - Copyright James Ferguson 2003 ^<^/h3^> >>photoviewer.html ECHO: ECHO: SET /P width="Enter width for images (300) " IF %width%.==. SET width=300 FOR %%Z IN (%2*.jpg) DO ECHO ^ ^ %%Z ^<^/a^> >>photoviewer.html FOR %%Z IN (%2*.gif) DO ECHO ^ ^ %%Z ^<^/a^> >>photoviewer.html ECHO ^ ^^<^/a^> ^<^/p^> >>photoviewer.html ECHO ^<^/body^> >>photoviewer.html ECHO ^<^/html^> >>photoviewer.html photoviewer.html