Projects, toys and doing things
lilone A radio control third scale model of Huffo that my friend Chris and I built in 2008
drive Construction of the driveway at my old house
garage Construction of a double garage at my old house
buggy Mucking around with an old lawnmower engine and an alternator
caravan A mate dared me to paint Lucy-Jo and my caravan in railway "Blood and Custard" colours…
hoist My electric hoist that travelled on a roof beam and was used to lift my trailer up out of the way against the garage wall
Trailer My ex-caravan trailer as a flatbed before I fitted sides. This trailer has been invaluable for lots of projects
movingmuffy Moving Muffy (Suzuki SJ) on my trailer behind Huffo. A bit precarious and of questionable legality, but we were careful!
huffo Huffo - my adorable 1956 88" Land Rover Series 1, 1997cc Petrol
legolandy A Lego model of a Land Rover Series 1, built by me and my 6yr old son
huffo2020 Repair work to Huffo during the spring of 2020
fairywinch Pictures of the Fairey Capstan Winch I modified and fitted to Huffo
huffobulkhead The top rail of Huffo's bulkhead was very rusty, so I cut out the rust and carefully welded in new metal
huffopoorly Huffo burnt out an exhaust valve, so I had to take the head off to fix it
gnu Gnu - my 1975 109" Land Rover Series 3, 2.6l straight six
6potheadoff Removing the head from Gnu's 6 cyl engine to repair a burnt out valve
katie Katie - my 1994 Landrover Discovery 300 Tdi S
katiemods Modifications to my Landrover Discovery
tong2004 Pay & Play day at Tong at which I (ab)used my Discovery
engine Rovamania building and fitting a replacement 300Tdi engine for Katie
lucyjo Lucy-Jo - my 1976 Landrover Series 3 88" 2286cc Petrol
lucyjomods Modifications to my 1976 Series 3
brochure 1973 Land-Rover Series 3 88" Sales Brochure Scan
patch Pictures of the slow rebuild of a mates Series 3 Land-Rover (Patch)
carmichael 1968 Carmichael Forward Control Land-Rover 109" that a friend bought to restore
winchmanual Scan of parts catalogue for Fairey mechanical drum winch
Land-Rover Holidays and Events
morocco2002 Pictures from my Morocco trip in 2002
spain2004 Diary and photographs from our Spanish Holiday in spring 2004
jogle I drove Huffo, my 1956 88" Series 1 Land-Rover, to John O'Groats and Land's End in 2006
abingdon2002 Abingdon 4x4 Festival 2002
derby2003 Photos from a holiday near Matlock, Derbyshire. Easter 2003
peakdistrict 5 May 2003 - Stannage Edge (Peak District)
sarnhelen 27 August 2003 - Sarn Helen (Wales)
abingdon2003 Abingdon 4x4 Festival 2003
Derbyshire061104 Photos from a green laning trip in Derbyshire
WalesFeb05 A garage loaned me a 4x4 whilst they worked on Katie; I promptly took it laning and got it stuck in a ditch
WalesJan06 Huffo's first real laning trip since I bought her. Isn't she gorgeous!?
WalesJan07 My Gnu and Huffo and Franc's Desmond on a laning trip to Strata Florida, Wales
WalesMay07 A very successful laning trip to the Happy Valley in North Wales
WalesFeb08 Laning in Wales
LRSOCChepstow A few photos taken at the 2008 Land-Rover Series One Club Rally (60th Anniversary) at Chepstom Racecourse
WalesJan10 A very wintery laning trip in Wales. Winching up Devil's Staircase
Cars, tractors and holiday photos
carpics Pictures of cars I drew when I was a teenager
citroenpanda Pictures of Fiat Panda 45s and Citroen BX 16RE I used to own
edstractor Ed's 1962 Massey Ferguson 35X Multi-Power
sailing A small selection of photos taken on the Norfolk Broads over the years
Norfolk2007 Sailing on Norfolk Broads September 2007
housewarming Pictures from my housewarming party 27 March 2004
langsett Kev organised a weekend staying in a Youth Hostel at Langsett in the Peak District. Photos from a short walk around the reservoir
corbridgesteamvintage Corbridge Steam and Vintage Vehicle Rally, June 2006. Featuring Ed's 1962 Massey Ferguson 35X Multi-Power and Huffo
watchet06 No Land-Rovers in sight! It's the lad's steamy weekend in Watchet
GDSF2010 Photos from Great Dorset Steam Fair 2010
Other stuff
jenga I used not to have a television, so when mates came over they have to drink lots of alcohol and play with my Giant Jenga...
bmw Photos of a BMW I owned for a year or so around 2009 (?)
moby Photos of a VW T5 Campervan we owned
me Pictures of me - yuk!
nuneaton Redevelopment work at Nuneaton railway station (part of my job)
sculpture A sculpture that my friends Chris & Grace crafted for me for my 30th birthday
skylift Elwyn turned up at my old house with a works cherry-picker, so we played with it :-)
fishtank My aquarium with goldfish (named Ayteyate and Wunnonine)
slideshow Pictures of the Falkirk Wheel displayed with a little slideshow application I wrote in Javascript